Meg Anderson

Nutmeg is the nickname given to me by my grandmother many, many years ago.  I'm the owner, head-dyer and sometimes designer here at Nutmeg Fibers. I'm a single mum with 2 teenage kids, rapidly getting close to adulthood. When I'm not working, I love to watch K-Dramas, Game of Thrones, Marvel movies or listen to Maximum Fun Network podcasts while I knit, knit, knit. When I have a chance, I pull out my sewing machine to get a few new pieces for my closet. 

xo Nutmeg


Erika Porter

Erika is based in Nashville, TN. She teaches yoga and plays music with her brother in their band Pageant. She enjoys creativity of all kinds and loves getting her hands dirty! She has been working at Nutmeg Fibers since April of 2018!