Online Indigo Dye Workshop

Online Indigo Dye Workshop

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Join in our first ever Online Indigo Dye Workshop on June 29th, 2019!!

Learn to work with indigo dye from the comfort of your own home, with the ability to ask questions during the livestream or watch the recorded version of our live class later at your own pace. You can work along with us during the livestream, or at your own pace with the video later on! Pause when you need, fast forward when you need, ask questions in the comments if you aren’t able to watch it live due to your timezone. All you need is access to a computer!

We’ll be talking about and working with indigo! There are so many ways to make an indigo vat, that it can sometimes be intimidating to know where to begin. We’ll be showing you a simple, foolproof way to make indigo stock, create your first vat with the indigo, and dye with a variety of fibers: wool, cotton, and possibly silk!

When: June 29th, 2019 at 11am CST (6pm in CEST/this is Sunday June 30th, 4am KST&JST) . To see what time that is for you locally, click here!

If you’d like to do more than just watch the class, you’ll be receiving a list of supplies from us to gather together before you begin. You can work along with us as we dye with indigo. Alternately, you can get our starter kit here!

Check out the additional info below for more details!

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So many reasons why!

  1. To help spread knowledge of dyeing, encourage lifelong and long-distance learning for those of you interested in getting started in the world of natural dyes.

  2. So we can connect with those of you all around the world that are interesting in learning about how to work with Indigo.

  3. To give live instruction and the ability to ask questions to those that would rather not only learn from written instructions.

  4. Also, fun!!!!!!


June 29th, 2019 at 11am CST (6pm in CEST/Sunday June 23rd, 4am KST&JST), Nutmeg will be live-streaming the class for those of you that register! The recorded version of our live class will also be available anytime as soon as the class ends for all of you that register! This means that if our CST time zone isn’t convenient, you can watch it anytime, anywhere and learn at your own pace! You can download our class, keep it on your computer to have it as a resource for you whenever you need it!


Online! In your home, office, workshop, art space, wherever you can have a computer and watch and learn! LYS can also register at a group rate, and have multiple people watch and learn together in your shop on the day of our live stream! We only suggest a well-ventilated area, due to the fact that indigo can be stinky.