Online Indigo Workshop!


An Online Indigo Dye Workshop!

Register to participate in our Online Indigo Workshop, from wherever you are in the world, with the ability to ask questions during our live class session and also watch the recorded version of the class at your own pace after the live class session is over!

Pause when you need, fast forward when you need, ask questions in the comments if you aren’t able to watch it live! We want this to be a fun, lifelong learning and community-building event for everyone that chooses to participate.

In this Online Workshop you’ll be learning:

  • How to make indigo stock

  • How to begin your first indigo vat

  • How to dye fibers (wool, cotton and possibly silk) in your indigo vat

  • How to troubleshoot with your vat


So many reasons why we are offering this online workshop:

  1. To help spread knowledge of dyeing, encourage lifelong & long-distance learning for those of you interested in getting started in the world of natural dyes.

  2. To connect with all of you around the world that are interesting in learning about how to work with Indigo.

  3. To give live instruction and provide the ability to ask questions to those that would rather not only learn from written instructions.

  4. Also, fun!!!!!!

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When, Where, How, How Much?


  • June 29th, 2019 at 11am CST (6pm in CEST/Sunday June 23rd, 4am KST&JST)

Nutmeg will be live-streaming the class beginning at the time listed above for those that are registered! The class will be approximately 1 1/2 hours long, with time built in to answer questions from those of you that have them!

As we live stream, you’ll be able to pause when needed to follow along at your own pace. But also, the recorded version of our live class will be available shortly after the livestream ends for any of you that registered!

This means that if our CST time zone isn’t convenient, you can still watch it anytime, anywhere and learn at your own pace! You will receive an non-expiring link to our class session to keep as a resource for you whenever you need it!


  • Online!

That can mean: in your home, office, workshop, art space, wherever you can have a computer and watch and learn!

LYS can also register at a different rate, and have multiple people watch and learn together in your shop on the day of our live stream!

After you register, you’ll be provided with a secure link to the YouTube web address of our class, so that you can have it on hand for when our livestream begins.

(Note: We recommend a well-ventilated space when working with indigo, due to the smell)

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HOW & How Much?

Online Indigo Dye Workshop
from 15.00
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As an Individual, sign up to learn and work from the comfort of your own space. Or get your LYS, local art store or other fun location to register as a group at a special Group Rate. Gather some of your fiber friends together, pour some mimosas, bring some snacks and fibers and learn to dye indigo together!

As we said before, we want this to be an affordable way for people to participate in a long-distance learning experience. So we hope that we’re offering a rate doesn’t keep anyone away from participating!

Individual Rate: $15.00 per person

Group Rate: $50.00 for 3+ participants

Supplies Needed:

  • Access to a computer with YouTube and a recommended internet speed of 3-25 Mbps to be able to participate in our livestream

  • We’ll also email you a complete list of supplies for those of you that would like to make your indigo dye vat along with us, but here is what you’ll need:

    • Indigo Dye Powder of your choice, Pickling Lime and Thiourea Dioxide (you can purchase these from us here)

    • Tools (available from us here):

      • 5 gallon/12 quart pot (Stainless Steel or Enamel Coated Canning Stock Pot)

      • Large mason jar (or similar) for making your stock

      • Stainless steel or wood mixing spoon

      • Thermometer that reads up to 180F/80C

    • Heat Source (oventop or portable induction burner)

    • Face Mask (optional - but Indigo is quite stinky, so a well ventilated area is recommended)

    • Pen and Pencil