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What you do when you feel the stress?

During this slower summertime season here at Nutmeg, I always think back over the why and how I got started in yarn-ing. It’s a bit of a period of reflection, with one busy season behind me and another ahead. 

So, I’ve talked about this a little bit before, but with a  large work trip upcoming, I feel the stress level rising up the back of my neck again, and I dying to have time to sit with my needles and relax for a bit. As a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks in the past, it was that calming, repetitive motion that literally got me through an incredibly difficult time in my life. 

The mental health benefits of knitting are widely documented, and this article, in particular, is one that I really like, if you haven’t read up on it before. It’s like riding a wave, gently back and forth, of wool in and out, around the needle, through, up and back under…over and over, until you’re in an almost meditative state. Your brain waves are able to realign and stress levels go back down to where they need to be and you return over and over again to that same pattern. 

When I think back over why it is that I first began knitting, it was so that I could be calm, centered, anxiety free. I wonder sometimes, what is that others do to help relieve their stress? I know that many people that are creating “slime” recently are doing so for similar reasons. They find the repetitive kneading of the slime ball to be calming, and de-stressing. That chemical response in the body must be similar to what happens as you knit, creating a safe haven of sorts inside of a craft. 

Anyhow…it got me thinking about what it is that you do when you feel the stress coming on? Is knitting your safe haven? I’d love to hear from you about it! 



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