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We're Now 100% Natural Dyes!

I’m really excited to announce this, after a long time deliberating whether this was the right direction for Nutmeg Fibers. As I’ve been learning and growing as a dyer (I still have a LONG way to go), I’ve realized that there are some colors that I can’t achieve with natural dyestuffs. This frustrated me for a while, as I was wanting a more saturated and diverse palette for our yarns. However, working with even eco-friendly chemical dyes has just become something of a frustration for me. The process doesn’t feel the same, and I find myself more frustrated explaining to people that we have 80% natural dyed colors, and 20% that are eco-friendly chemical dyes. It felt strange to have two or three colorways that stood out apart from the others since they weren’t dyed in the same method.

So! All that to say that I’ve made the decision to make a full transition over to only using natural dyes on Nutmeg Fibers. I’m really excited to fully immerse myself in the natural dye process as much as I possibly can. I get so excited about the idea that the method’s I’m using to dye are the same as they were hundreds of years ago, maybe even thousands! This all ties in to my vision of Nutmeg as a cottage industry, and I can’t wait to plant some dye plants this spring in my garden around the studio.

Any of our non-natural dye colorways are currently listed as “Discontinuing” on our website until they are sold. If you’re able to make it to this Saturday’s open studio, maybe you can grab some for yourself if there was a particular colorway that you loved.

That’s all for today! Talk to you all again soon!


April Showers!

Open Studio April 1st!