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Upcoming Events!

Good morning all! I wanted to stop my busy season schedule for a minute to sit down and tell you about what’s coming up for Nutmeg in these next few months! Right now I’m tired from dyeing yarn all day, but I can’t wait to see you all at these upcoming events! 

First up, in just about two weeks, is Stitches West! This will be our 4th Stitches event and our 2nd time visiting you all out in Santa Clara, California. I’m really excited to be coming back this year with our 4 amazing yarn bases, all milled exclusively for us at Echo View Fiber Mill in North Carolina, dyed by me, with natural dyes and wrapped up lovingly by my wonderful team of friends and family that come help me out when I have these big events. I’ll also be coming out there with my daughter, and she’s never been to Stitches before, so that’ll be fun too! Anyhow. Here’s all the details for our visit to Stitches West 2018: 

Next, just a few weeks after Stitches, we’ll be going up to Chicago again, but this time we’ll be going for Vogue Knit Live! I’m really excited. It’s my first VKL event, since I had to miss the one back in November. I’m already dyeing all my stock in preparation for heading up here just a few short weeks after our trip to California. This one takes place right downtown, on the Magnificent Mile, and I’m really excited for this. Again, we’ll be bringing all 4 of our bases, Cottage, Retreat, Cabin and Hearth, dyed in all sorts of beautiful natural colors. We’ll also be bringing some kits and patterns and other fun stuff. Can’t wait to see all my Chicago Nutmeg friends again! Here are all the details for Vogue Knit Live: Chicago:

Also, just a quick note that as I prepare for these events our online stock may be less full than normal, but don’t worry! I’ll be restocking as soon as everything is shipped off for these events! Also, never hesitate to get in touch about whether I have something on hand, just in case. It might just be that I’ve pulled it to go to a show, and I can send it to you instead! I know a lot of you wonderful Fibreshare folks are purchasing for your match, so let me know if you’re looking for something in particular! 

Lastly, I’ll be catching up on my Meg Sweater KAL posts after this crazy weekend is over! Sorry I’ve fallen behind! I made a silly mistake and didn’t realize that I was knitting with needles that were one size too small…duh. Anyhow. So I’ve had to reset and restart. I’ll give you more details on that after I finish dyeing all this beautiful yarn! 



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