Our Day in Kyoto

Our Day in Kyoto

Our first stop on our day trip was to go and visit Walnut Shop. Most anyone reading this will know about Amirisu magazine, a stunning knitting publication that is out of Kyoto. A few years ago, Meri had interviewed me for their issue about Nashville. I was really flattered to have tiny little shop front featured, and even still today, many people tell me that they discovered Nutmeg Fibers because of Amirisu! So, it was really great to be able to stop by and see their shop, Walnut Shop: Kyoto, in person. 

And back to Seoul again...

If you’ve been reading along about our trip, then you might’ve already heard about how we’ve fallen head over heels for this place. Well, we left Jeju-do early yesterday morning with a bit of sadness in our hearts. We were, again, sure that there really wouldn’t be another place that we could love as much as we loved our little spot in Seoungsan on Jeju Island. We were, again, totally wrong. After a little trouble finding our spot here in Insadong, we were transported back in time to historic Joseon period of Korea. The guest house (Bibimbap Guest House) we’re staying at is over 100 years old, and comes from the time period in Seoul when kings and queens lived in the nearby palace and the narrow streets of this neighborhood were filled with advisors to the king and other such important figures. We have a little room, that’s all we really need, with three beds and a bathroom. Outside our room is a courtyard for the house, where I’m now sitting and writing to you all. We’ve wandered around the neighborhood today, visiting Changdeokgung Palace, an amazing brunch place, a crepe shop and more. Houses here are about 5 feet apart, and it’s ridiculously cozy. We walked a whole 20 feet to dinner last night at an amazing restaurant called Italy, that had one of the best Pasta Carbonara I’ve ever had. We’re still a bit tired from all our travelling yesterday, but we are so looking forward to the adventures that our last week here will have for us. Here are a few pictures from our day here.