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Our Day in Kyoto

Our first stop on our day trip was to go and visit Walnut Shop. Most anyone reading this will know about Amirisu magazine, a stunning knitting publication that is out of Kyoto. A few years ago, Meri had interviewed me for their issue about Nashville. I was really flattered to have tiny little shop front featured, and even still today, many people tell me that they discovered Nutmeg Fibers because of Amirisu! So, it was really great to be able to stop by and see their shop, Walnut Shop: Kyoto, in person. 

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to post about our adventures here, mainly because we’ve been so busy doing things! We’re currently in Seoul, with the Handmade Korea event quickly approaching, but more about that later. First I want to take some time to tell you all about our visit in Osaka and our day trip to Kyoto.