Too many WIPS and 3 Prize Winners!

Too many WIPS and 3 Prize Winners!

So, how’s it going everyone?! Did you get through the stockinette body section? I have to admit…I’m not finished with it yet myself! OMG! Life got busy, as it does sometimes, so I wasn’t able to knit as much as I hope to. However, I’m only 2 cm away, so I’m hoping to finish it today and jump on into our next section. I’m gonna work my fingers off this weekend to catch up. Like I’ve said before, the goals I’ve been setting for the KAL are loose goals, but it’s ok to go as slowly as you need to.

Oldies KAL - Coming Soon!

Oldies KAL - Coming Soon!

I am so excited for this event to get rolling here, especially during October! Knitting season is full on here in the Northern Hemisphere, and our queues are getting full.

Rie Vive, a designer from Kochi, Japan, has created a timeless, cozy, fun knit out of our Retreat base here at Nutmeg Fibers. I was so honored that she was interested in working with our yarn when I reached out to her, and the pattern she came up with is something that you’ll want to wear this year or ten years from now.

Winter KAL Announcement!

Hey all! I’m so excited to be organizing a new KAL (knit-along)! In early January, I’m always looking for a new project to work on, and what better project right now than the beautiful Meg Sweater that Junko Okamoto created with our Cottage base for Eylul Yarns!

So! Let’s all work on this together, from wherever you may be in the world!


Throughout this KAL, I’ll be sharing my own progress here as well as in our Ravelry group, and I hope that you do as well!

We’ll be officially starting work on the project on January 1st, but before then, make sure to buy your pattern from Junko’s Ravelry page here. Get your yarn together by visiting either Eylul Yarns in Osaka or get it straight from us here on the website. At Eylul Yarns, there are 4 beautiful colorways ready and waiting for you all in sweater kits. We have all our other colorways available online. 

When you order all 7 skeins that are needed for this pattern at the same time, we make sure to send them from the same dye vat.

So your homework is:

  1. spread the word about this fun KAL beginning January 1st to your knitting friends that love Junko’s patterns
  2. Download your pattern from Junko’s Ravelry page
  3. Get your yarn together
  4. Join the Ravelry group and introduce yourself! 

Ok, that’s all for now!