Sweater-rama drama-rama!

So, it’s been a busy week this past week. In the midst of all the normal holiday craziness, there was also a trip to the hospital with my father (he’s ok!) and various other family dramas. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a few surprises though, would it? But, finally I’ve had a little time to catch you all up on my progress with some different projects. 

I was able to get a little bit of work done on my Rug sweater (by Junko Okamoto) though! I’m making mine up in our Hearth base. The main color is Logwood Sage and the accent color is Dark Indigo. I’m absolutely in love with the way the shoulders are shaped here, and am taking some notes as I work in order to reshape my Mystery Sweater project accordingly. 

Since I want there to be at least 10″ ease on this sweater (pictured above), the structured, set-in sleeve style isn’t going to work. It’ll be too…….bumpy and ill-fitting. The cap of the sleeve will hang off the shoulder by about 5 inches, which isn’t what anyone wants. Haha!

The sleeves for the Camellia Sweater project I’m also working on are nice as well.  They were created by first working on the back left shoulder, with short rows for shaping. Then, the stitches were picked up and knit along the shoulder to create the front left shoulder, adding a seam element to the design as well. For several inches, the front and back were worked separately, then joined under the arm to be the full left side section of the sweater. I really like the line that this creates down the arm, and it looks flattering as well. 

So…after looking at these shoulder construction styles on these other two patterns, I’ve frogged my piece back almost to the very beginning. But that’s okay! I’d rather get it right than just finish it in a way that would be unwearable. So, I’m getting excited today to try some new ideas for the shoulders on this one. Look forward to sharing it to! 



Camellia Sweater Progress, and other project updates

Hey all! Well, I wanted to, again, say thanks to those of you that responded so graciously after my big email yesterday. I’m already feeling much more rested with the weight of travelling to Seattle off my shoulders, so I thought I’d check in with you all on my latest projects. 

I’ve been plugging away on my Camellia Sweater, from Issue 10 of Amirisu Magazine. I’ve gotten the back center panel finished, and started on the right shoulder section and front center panel at the same time. Working on both of these sections together breaks up the monotony for me of a constant knit stitch project, which looks beautiful when finished, but can often make me set a project down for a long time. I’m making this in (of course) our Nutmeg Fibers Retreat Base. The main color is Light Lac, and the stripes are Indigo and Logwood & Iron. I was curious to see how the Light Lac would work up, since I’m not a massive fan of pink, but I’m really loving the subtlety of it. It’s variegated just enough to give it a non-baby pink feel…at least to me! Haha. 

This pattern has you create the shoulder in two pieces, the back worked first, then attached to the front by picking up stitches at the shoulder, creating an exposed shoulder seam effect. It uses short row techniques to create the shape needed for a drop-shoulder look.  I really like the way that short rows create a tiny pattern across the shoulder, where stitches were wrapped and turned. It made working that first section feel really quick, too, to work in short rows. 

Once the shoulder sections are both worked to where the front and back right sides can be worked as one large piece, the project become really nice to work on while watching a show or something. Since it’s stockinette, and, so far, doesn’t have any increases, I’ve just been plugging away at it bit by bit. When I need a break from this piece, I go over and work on my front center panel, which, even though it’s worked in garter, has decreases that keep you fully engaged. I’m not sure yet how the front piece will shape the neckline, cause right now the decreases are seeming somewhat extreme….but we’ll see! 

In other project news, I finished up the Insadong cowl I’ve been working on. I really love it! I’m about to start a second run of it to make sure that all the details are correct, etc. What do you think? It was inspired by traditional Korean architecture patterns that we saw in some of the palaces in Seoul. 

I also just grabbed 4 massive skeins of beautiful Tennessee wool from Hill & Hollow Farm this past weekend at Fiber in the Boro. I have plans churning away for how I can use these! Can’t wait to show you all! 

Well, that’s about it for now! Talk to you all again soon!