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Stitches Midwest Countdown!! Booth 305!!

I’ve been working hard to get ready for my 3rd trade show as Nutmeg Fibers, coming up in a few weeks in Chicago! I can’t wait to see you all there! Just wanted to let you know about a few things that I’ll be bringing with me that are extra special. 


First up, I’ve got a special kit for all of you in our Hearth base. It’s a beginner level hat pattern that I call The Boyfriend Hat (pictured above). It’s got an extra large ribbed edge so you can turn it up and be extra warm in the wintertime. I’m only bringing a certain amount of these with me, so come and grab one on day one if you’re adding this to your Stitches Midwest wish-list.

Secondly, we’re participating in a few special promotions during Stitches! We’ll be joining in the Stitch Marker Trade fun, so come on into Booth 305 and swap some stitch markers with us! We’re also participating in a new fun event, the GPS Scramble (Goody Placement Scramble). For this, come on in and search around our booth for a special code that can win you some wonderful prizes from participating vendors. For more info on this, visit the Ravelry page here. Loads of awesome people are joining in on both of these, so it’ll make your fun fiber-filled weekend even better!


Also, at our booth only, we’ll have some special pins that you can collect each day of Stitches Midwest with any purchase from us. Use these to decorate your project bags or to add a little flare to your jacket, showing off your knitting pride. My daughter helped me come up with the puns, and I couldn’t be more proud. Ha! I think this is all to let you know about for now. I’ve been a busy busy bee dyeing yarn in the 96 degree Tennessee weather to bring up there, but I can’t wait to see you all!

xo Nutmeg

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