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September News

Fall is looking quite busy for me here at Nutmeg as I get my schedule pulled together now that back to school mode has simmered down. I’ve finally been able to get a little bit of clarity about how my days need to look, what with two kids in junior high that homeschool and a small business that I’m working hard to grow bit by bit. I had to map out each day of the week for myself the other day, so that I don’t ever try to do too much in one day…or feel guilty on days when I’m resting.


I have to say, it can be a bit lonely to be doing all this on my own. It’s something I’m truly passionate about, though, so I’d rather be doing this alone than something I am disinterested in around other people. My goal of having an assistant/partner by the end of 2017 may be changing to 2018, but that’s ok! I’m growing at just the right rate for me and my family, so it’s all good things. Also, I’ve found recently, that it can be crucial to have those people surrounding you that champion your cause, see the validity of it and cheer you on. It can make all the difference on a hard day to know that your support group is rooting for you and your work. So thanks to my peeps, you know who you are, that keep me positive and heading in the right direction.

I’ve been studying up a lot on exactly how color works, cause I am so far from knowing even 30% of all there is to know about dyeing. I’m hoping to add 3-4 lovely, rich, deep colors for fall to our line-up. But, as with anything, it’s trial and error to make sure the color I end up with is both one I love and want to share, and is something I can replicate well each time. One of the things I love about my work is how it always provides me an opportunity to learn something new…always keep learning! That’s my goal in life. Haha!


I have several fun things I’m ruminating over for fall/winter that I can’t wait to share with you all. Community builders that I hope help grow our little Nutmeg community even more. Eeek! I’m really so excited that I can almost not wait to tell you…but good things are coming. Think tutorials, KAL, other such things that I can’t wait to tackle with you all. 


Before I sign off, I wanted to quickly share with you a few dates to make sure to mark on your calendars! First up, we’ll be participating again this year at Fiber in the Boro just down the road in Murfreesboro. I’m excited to visit everyone again and make some new fiber friends during my second visit to this wonderful festival! The event is being held, again, at the Lane Agricultural Park. Here are all the details:

After this wraps up, I’ll be heading up to Seattle for the first time for the 2017 Vogue Knit Live! I am really excited about this…and also a bit nervous. It’s set to be my biggest trade show yet, and even though I’ll be tucked in the back corner I hope all of you come back and visit me. I’ll give you a little more detail about this as it gets closer, but I just wanted to let all my Northwestern Nutmeg community know that I’ll be heading up there with loads of hand-dyed goodness for all you knitters. Here are all the details on that, for those of you in the Seattle area:

Happy September everyone! Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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