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Our Visit in Hongdae

Hello everyone! So, my official takeover of my own blog has begun. We arrived in Seoul yesterday evening, fell asleep pretty quickly, and woke up in this amazing city. I’m laying down in bed right now, looking out at the lights of the city, listening to the sounds from the 3 or 4 cafes and restaurants right beneath us on the street. There is so much laughter and conversation, and I can’t help but feel just the teeniest bit like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina while she’s off in Paris to learn to cook.

Hongdae, the neighborhood of Seoul that we’re staying in, is a truly magical place. The streets are winding and narrow, packed to the brim with ramen shops, mandugook stands, coffee shops, clothes and flower boutiques, adorable couples holding hands and young college students laughing and taking selfies in the parks. I’m not sure what the history of this part of the city is…will definitely have to look into that later. It’s present, however, is totally vibrant and youthful. I get the feeling that this is a neighborhood I’d want to live in if I were a Seoulite. Art and music seem to be seeping out of every little corner we wandered through, and we absolutely loved it. Tomorrow, we’re hoping to visit some farther neighborhoods, but we really wanted to soak in as much here in Hongdae as we could today. The affigato I had in the late afternoon has kept me up late writing tonight, but I’ll stop here. Instead, enjoy some of the photos from our visit in Hongdae today. Plus I need to research where to buy yarn in this neighborhood!

xo Nutmeg

p.s. orders placed between now and June17 will be shipped after I arrive back home. Thanks everyone!

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