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Our Trip So Far, aka Osaka pt. 1

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to post about our adventures here, mainly because we’ve been so busy doing things! We’re currently in Seoul, with the Handmade Korea event quickly approaching, but more about that later. First I want to take some time to tell you all about our visit in Osaka and our day trip to Kyoto.

We arrived in Osaka late in the evening, around 11pm, seriously jet-lagged and really grateful that Yuri,owner of Eylul Yarnsand “host” of sorts for our trip, met us at the airport to help us get to the apartment that night. 


She generously offered us the workshop/apartment space right above her shop for us to stay in during our trip. It was perfect, especially since I was working a lot of the time during my visit, so the kids could stay upstairs and recover from jet-lag…aka sleep. Haha!

It was really special for me to finally be able visit Eylul Yarns and Yuri in person. I still remember being over the moon with excitement when I got an email from her a while back, saying that she and Junko Okamoto were planning a sweater design and yarn kit with my yarn, and that she wanted to order some from me. Ever since then, my Japanese knitting fans have been some of my most loyal customers. I really feel grateful to Yuri, and Junko as well, for being supporters of my yarn and bringing into their craft circles. 


The first few days that we were in Osaka, I mostly was downstairs helping get the trunk show set up in Yuri’s shop while the kids slept off jet lag upstairs. We explored the neighborhood also, even though the heat index was about 102 F. Haha! Here are a few more pictures of the neighborhood nearby to us in Osaka. 


A small shrine, that I would say more about, but I know too little. It was just outside an Aikido Dojo that was around the corner from Eylul Yarns. Something about it being placed there in the midst of the bustling city, a small place of reflection, seemed welcoming and peaceful to me. So…I snapped a photo.

 **in case you didn’t know…the symbol above the door, which many Western people now recognize only as a Nazi symbol, is originally an symbol in the Buddhist and, I believe also Hindu, religions that represents good fortune, auspiciousness or well-being.**


A delicious little cafe, just next to the Subway station exit in our neighborhood. French style coffee and yummy food. Here’s the menu board. We Cafe au Lait, Coffee Float, Melon Soda Float, and Omelet Rice. Yummmmmmmmmm.  


So, there was so much more that happened in our 5 days in Osaka! I’m going to share this much for now and post a bit more later, including our visit to Kyoto. 

I hope you’re doing well where you are in the world. Thanks for checking in with us on our journey! 



Osaka, pt. 2

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