Our Fiber Story, Pt. 2

So, the second portion of my journey in the fiber world began when I opened my brick and mortar store 2 years ago at the Shoppes on Fatherland in East Nashville. I remember the day that I got the call saying that my application had been accepted. I jumped for joy with my kids, totally overjoyed that this new exciting thing was actually materializing for me! Knitting was beginning to take over my world, but I still sewed quite a bit as well. One of the first stitch'n'bitch nights that I hosted there was kind of hilarious, cause I was still quite a newbie to knitting. I couldn’t figure out why certain patterns I was following weren’t ever turning out right. One of the other knitters showed me how I’d been accidentally twisting all my stitches! I had no clue! No wonder nothing was working out right! After that night, I could finally “see” my stitches. I always feel like once a person hits that point with their work, there’s no stopping you. As soon as I tackled some basic patterns, it was on to cables, socks, colorwork, any new stitch concept I could get my hands on. Literally.

Last winter, I published my first two patterns. I was so thrilled and proud to share them with everyone! They are called Sassenach and Wee Bairn. Looking back over them now, there are quite a few errata that I think I need to update…just to make the pieces lay better, or work together more smoothly. I have so many exciting things to show you in the area of knitting patterns, that I can hardly wait for October 1st! Working up pieces that I have designed myself is a puzzle to play every night before bed. It’s so satisfying to see a piece come together properly, and to feel like it’s something worth sharing with everyone!

Well, I can’t really say much more yet without giving too much away. But just know that this story is still developing, a little more every day. I can’t wait to share Pt. 3 with you! It’ll cover all the ins and outs of our move over this past summer and our plan for this next year!

Until then, happy knitting!