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Our Fiber Story, Pt. 1

I remember the exact moment that it happened. I was deep in the middle of an incredibly intense period of anxiety (no need to really go into that here, but it’s nothing to hide!). I decided one day to pick up some yarn at JoAnns (gasp!) and a crochet hook, just so that my hands just had something to do at night. I realized that if I was focused on learning something new, my brain stayed focused and calm rather than scattered and tense. Every new stitch that I learned, my mind relaxed a little bit more. I used to dread nighttime, but slow by slow I looked forward to it. It was my time to unwind and work on my project. I could feel the fog of anxiety lifting as my first big project was cast off. I told my best friend the next day, “I think I’ve found my ‘thing’! I think yarn is, like….my thing!”

Once I learned to knit, I really started to fly. I had been officially bitten by the fiber bug. If you’re reading this, then you more than likely know the feeling. Slow by slow, my 1 project bag turned into 2 , then 4, then into a small stash, then into 2 file drawers full of yarn goodness that I had (…have) big plans for. There was something truly magical to me (and there still is) about watching as a ball of yarn was transformed into a garment that I could wear or share.

I wanted to begin to share Nutmeg’s fiber story with you all, cause I feel so constantly blessed and thrilled that I am able to be doing what I’m doing as my job. It’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears these first few years as a shop. Starting a business is hard work! I’ve never been one to be afraid of change, and being in tune with what’s working, what’s not and where I want us to be heading towards has always been in the forefront of my thoughts. The transitions that we are making right now are pointing us in the direction of my creative heart and soul. Focusing in on our own line is opening up some exciting opportunities for growth for us, as well, that I’ve been dreaming up for a LONG time.

This is the end of pt. 1, keep in touch for pt. 2 soon! A lot of you have had questions about what is going on with the store and where we’re headed, so this will begin to answer a lot of questions for you all!



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