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I have been trying for several days now to figure out exactly how to talk about the state of our country on my Nutmeg Blog. This isn’t really a place where I do that…or where anyone comes to read about things like this. This is a blog about my life, my work, my art, etc. I don’t have any profound words to share, and I don’t have any great wisdom on how to overcome the pure hatred that has been allowed more and more of a voice in our country lately. But, I can’t just say nothing. Hate groups such as Nazis, white nationalists, neo-Confederates, KKK….these groups are not exercising free speech. They are inciting violence and spreading racial hatred and division. This is not a matter of understanding the opinions of others, or tolerating those that are different from us. It is a matter of right versus wrong, good versus evil.

I believe that if you are a part of the Nutmeg Fibers community, you feel the same way. I would hope that you would understand why the recent incitements of war against North Korea and vile, hate-filled, violent “protests” in Virginia are something that make my stomach churn in disgust and dread. I would hope that you are here because you feel that Nutmeg Fibers is a community that aims to spread love and nurture each other through creativity, and that you too want to give love the loudest voice in a too often dark, dark world.

If you would like to more than just share your love, consider donating to The Southern Poverty Law Center. They actively monitor the movements and existence of hate groups in the US and work to educate on tolerance and equality.



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