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"Not all who wander are lost..."

Well…it looks like today will be the last post about our big adventure here in Korea. I couldn’t sleep very well last night, I think cause so many emotions are coming out about going back to Nashville.

For me, it’s not about that Nashville isn’t a great place. It’s that I think my spirit has always been that of a traveller. Everyone reading this knows that life happens as it does irregardless of plans, and my dreams of moving out into the world as a young adult changed into the reality of raising two children. My world changed and my dreams changed, and it was a beautiful thing. And 37 years later, I was still living in Nashville.

But that traveller’s spirit has still always been inside of me. I realized while I was here, that this is the longest I’ve ever been away from Nashville. I’m sitting here writing this while the kids are still sleeping, very close to tears with emotion about leaving this place. I’m not sure what I’ll feel once I get home, but right now, I’m pretty damn sad to be leaving this wonderful city. I better go now…it’s our last day here.


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