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My Latest Cast-On!

Hey everyone! How’s your Monday going? I’m excited to share the latest project that I’ve cast on over the weekend. I’d been wanting to work on a large project with the Farm Fibers Skim weight that I had milled up at Echo View, but wasn’t sure whether I wanted a sweater or cardigan, or what exactly. After sketching for a bit, I decided to go with an oversized cardigan, with one cable up the spine of the back. It’s really fun working this project on an as it comes basis. I’m not exactly sure yet whether the front will have cables too, or what shoulder shape I want, but I know I want it to be oversized and slouchy, even within the structure of the pattern.

I started with a 1 ½ ribbed border, then divided the back panel of the cardigan into sections. Radiating out from the cable down the middle, there are alternating sections of seed and garter stitch. I’m excited to see how this comes together as I get closer to the shoulders on the back. It’s going quickly for me, since I like a project that has lots of changes to pay attention to or count out.

What are you working on right now? Are you following a pattern, or creating one yourself?

Happy Monday!



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