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Lots of news for a new month. AKA: Happy July!

Hello! Happy Sunday! It’s July now, so the heat has been turned up to 11 here in Tennessee. For those of you in America, are you getting ready for 4th of July celebrations this week?

Anyhow, enough chit-chat. I have a lots of things to let you know about!

First off, next month I’ll be traveling up to Chicago for Stitches Mid-West!! It’s their 2nd largest event of the year, so I’m planning accordingly! I’ve got big shipments coming in from our mill next week, so I’ll be hard at work dyeing yarn for the rest of July in order to get it set to go for Stitches! I’ll be bringing a special project kit that will only be available to the Stitches Midwest attendees, as well as some other special treats. And don’t worry, we’ll be bringing LOADS of our mugs that were so popular in Connecticut at Stitches United!

One such treat that we’ll be having is collectible pins, a different one for each day of market, that you can get at our booth with your purchase! These will be some fun bling for your project bags or jean jackets. They’ll only be available at Stitches Midwest, so make sure to stop by BOOTH 305 each day to grab yours!  I think I’m MOST excited to be bringing our newest base up! I will give you a little more detail on this next week, but for now, just know that we have something ridiculously soft and wonderful to work with awaiting you all!!!

The details about Stitches Midwest are:

Okay, so for now that’s all the info you need about Stitches Midwest.

Before we travel up to Chicago, we’ll be having another dye workshop this month! Our July workshop will be focusing on Natural Yellows. Yellows are vital to creating a wide color palette, cause it’s the base for greens, browns, oranges, the list goes on and on. We’ll be working primarily with Osage, Goldenrod and Weld and will discuss overdyeing just a little bit. It you’re interested in signing up for this workshop, visit the class listing here! Class fee is $150 per person and includes all dye supplies, breakfast and lunch! Plus you get to take home your very own dye kit. We had a really great time last month in our Natural Reds class, so I know that we’ll be having a great time this month too.

Also, for those of you that have been on the fence about the August dye workshop that focuses on blues, just know that we only have 2-3 spots left available! Sign up soon if you were wanting to make sure to come! The class listing for that is here.

I’ve also been plugging away at the patterns and other content for our next zine! I’m not sure quite yet when that will be coming out, but look for it towards mid-fall! I think that’s about all the info I can share with ya right now. Everyone have a wonderful Sunday!


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