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Learning Something New

So, in efforts to extend my natural dye palette for Nutmeg, I’ve been excited to work with a few new dyestuffs lately. One of these is woad. It’s a stunning natural blue that’s been used in addition to, as well is in lieu of, indigo for thousands of years. Similarly to indigo, it is a color that needs to be de-oxygenized in water in order for the color to dissolve and be able to then go into the fibers that you’re trying to dye. For some reason, my brain has more difficulty wrapping itself around the method of these types of dyes. I think it’s the extra step that throws me. I’ve been determined to find a blue tone (aside from logwood) that I love to use, though, so whether woad wants to or not, I will figure it out!

Today, in the blistering heat, I started out by reducing the vat down with a combo of woad, soda ash and spectralite. After boiling this for a while, a nice green sheen had appeared on the top, as is necessary when working with indigo or woad. I can’t wait to actually dump some fibers in there tomorrow, so I’m going to let the vat sit overnight to get good and de-oxygenized for tomorrow. Yay! I’ll share photos of the final product.


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