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It’s been a loooong time since I’ve thought much about sewing….I think since I had the Nutmeg storefront over 1 ½ years ago. But the bug has been buzzing around my head lately to get some fall wardrobe items knocked out. Most likely, this is due to the amazing inspiration I get from following Karen Templer, State the Label and others on Instagram. After a year and a half of only knitting and dyeing, I think my brain is ready to do a little selfish sewing for a minute. 

I pulled out all my go to patterns, and I’m beginning to mull over what I need to add to my wardrobe. Several years ago, I made myself the Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt, and loved it. Great fit, easy pattern, perfect for a work dress around the house. I think I’ll have to make another of these for sure. I’d like one in a nice chambray…although I think I might be a little over-chambrayed in my closet….so we’ll see.

I’ve also been badly wanting to make a version of Made By Rae’s Washi Dress out of the handwoven goodness that I’ve been saving for a few years now from Shutters and Shuttles. But then, I also found several patterns in some Japanese sewing books that I’d love to work up. Ahhhhck! Too many choices! I’m not sure where to start…Well, for now, this is where my “when I don’t need to knit” brain is. How are your fall projects coming along?