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It's August Already!

Wow! What happened to June and July?! I guess with the last two months of moving and building our dye studio, I’ve let most of summer slip right by. So! Let me give you all the latest info!

First off, our clearance sale continues on certain items! Everything that is not Nutmeg Fibers is now 45% off until it’s gone! Stock up now! We’ve finally gotten our new shipping situation sorted out too, so our turnaround on orders is back on schedule. Check out all the items that we have on sale now!

Secondly, we are entering our 3rd year of business this month! I can hardly believe that it was over 2 years ago that I started holding pop up events at my house! What a journey this has been. This next year is going to be a serious year of growth for Nutmeg Fibers and our brand in many ways. You’ve seen already that our yarn bases have grown, but we are also beginning to add some serious pattern support for our fibers! Keep an eye out for this as we get a little closer to fall. Something VERY exciting this way comes! Can’t wait to show you! To document this all, I’ve started a 3 part blog post on our Fiber Story here at Nutmeg. Read Pt. 1 now!

3rd up, the 2nd Annual East Side Fiber Festival is a little over a month away! Mark your calendars for September 17th! Keep up to date on all the info about this event on their website which can be found here.

Lastly, we’ll be hosting an open studio day here at the Nutmeg online headquarters at the beginning of September. It’ll be a celebration of our 2nd anniversary, as well as some other fun things happening. Keep an eye out for all the details on that coming soon! In the meantime, here are some photos of the dyes studio!



2nd Anniversary Open Studio Celebration Party!

July Newsletter!