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In Like a Lion - March Newsletter

Hello everyone! What a crazy February I had. I just got back this past Sunday from Stitches West, and had an amazing time! As a (very) small business owner, it was really wonderful to meet so many new fiber friends, and get a lot of wonderful support and excitement about what it is that I’ve been working on at Nutmeg these past few years. It was so validating to see so much positive response to all the things that I brought with me out there, and it was extra nice to come home with much lighter suitcases than I traveled there with. And, of course, the best part about coming home for this single mum was getting there in time to pick up my kids from school!

At Stitches, I debuted several new colorways for our Retreat and Cabin bases. I’m really in love with these! They’ll be available soon online as well, so keep an eye out for the debut of our newest colors!

Lately, I’ve been reading the massive book Natural Dyes by Dominique Cardon, about the Japanese dye methods called Kusaki-zome that were created after WWII. I am now on a new mission to find out as much as possible about these techniques, cause I am fascinated by the level of commitment that these artisans have to creating the most perfect colors from the dyestuffs they are using. If only the actual Kusaki-zome book weren’t $800.00! Crossing my fingers that the library might have a copy that I can check out. My trip to California for Stitches West provided me with so much new inspiration to keep learning and growing and getting better all the time at what I’ve chosen to do as a profession.

While I was gone, I have been sorting out an exciting new project with Echo View Fiber Mill! I’m beginning the transition to get our Hearth base milled there full time! That will be our 4th base milled custom just for us at North Carolina’s fabulous, eco-friendly fiber mill. I’m still ironing out the details, and a little bit of a price change may come with this, but if it leads to a better product that’s more locally produced, then it’s a great change in my mind! My dream is that someday all our fibers will be milled there, and perhaps they’ll all have at least a small percentage of the Tennessee Fibershed area wool in them! Baby steps!

Anyhow, I have some more exciting March news coming soon, I just wanted to do a quick check-in with you all now that I’m back from my big trip! I’m working on wholesale orders for 3 new LYS (hopefully in your neck of the woods), more on that soon! Can’t wait to chat with you all soon. Also, if you’re in the northeast, mark your calendars for Stitches United April 28-30! I’ll be there ready to meet you all and sell ya some lovely, hand-dyed, natural yarn!


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