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Island Times

I have to admit, as I’m getting started this Friday morning, that a huge wave of relief flooded over me when I remembered that I don’t have to pack up my whole stock and head to Seattle next week for Vogue Knit Live. Even though I’m really sad to miss out on it, I think my body and mind just needed space to breathe for a minute. Even just in the last week since I made the decision NOT to attend, I’ve been sleeping better, been more creative and productive, and found more time to help the kids with their schoolwork than I thought I’d have had time for.

I think taking time for self-care is SO important, for all of us. I can’t nurture my children, my home, my family, or my business if I’m worn out from go-go-go mentality. When my job involves creating, it’s important for me to have the brainspace to still do that. Duh. I don’t know why I just realized that, haha!

So, as I get started today, I’m choosing to nurture myself, by sitting near my kids while they work hard on their schoolwork, drinking an extra bitter coffee made with a dollop heavy cream, and listening to some k-pop. Here’s my song for the morning. Have a wonderful Friday! 



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