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From Seoul to Jeju...

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything on here, and it’s mainly because I’m so beyond inspired and in awe of the beauty of this place that I can’t figure out how to properly convey that in words. Instead of waiting any longer, I’ll just try my best…

We left Hongdae neighborhood in Seoul on this past Monday and flew a quick one-hour flight straight south down to Jeju Island. If you haven’t heard of Jeju before, it’s known to some as the “Hawaii of Asia”, and to us as the filming location for loads of our favorite drama’s and variety shows, as well as our new favorite place on earth. We got our rental car once we landed (a peppy Kia Ray that drives like a spunky go cart), and drove to the east side of the island where we were going to be staying. The name of our resort here is Arumdaun Resort, which means “beautiful resort”. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect name for this spot. Our room looks out over the water towards Udo Island, a smaller island just off the coast of Jeju. To the right, we can see Seongsan Peak…where the sun first rises in Korea. It’s peak was formed from a volcanic crater thousands of years ago, and I’m hoping to drag the kids up there tomorrow on our last day here. We can see boats going back and forth to Udo all day long, and at night there is a lighthouse up on a peak that we see rotating it’s light round and round.

This place is…the kind of scenery that makes you never want to leave. I think I could rest here in this place for a long time. The kids and I have been talking alot about how we are traveling, not sightseeing. We’re trying our best to be in these places as if we lived here, rather than as if we have to see every single thing all day every day as tourist. For me, traveling is taking your life to another space for a moment in time, and existing there in just the same way as you would at home. Finding the coffee shop that you like to go read at, finding the grocery store you pop into each day, having friendly conversations with random people rather than rushing through a big schedule.

Traveling always helps me to refocus on the direction of things in my life. What about homeschooling my kids is working? What’s not? What am I now seeing more clearly regarding work since I’m distanced from it? What do I want most for my work and, more importantly, from my work? How can I let work be bringing me to these places? How can I widen my work perspective across the world to be able to meet more people and experience all these new places and things and learn from them all?

To me, being in a place that fills my heart up to overflowing can only bring positive things for my work and my life. I so want to pass on the love that I feel for creating, knitting, hand-dyeing through my work to others through my yarn, patterns and more. I want to be inspired by the whole world, not just my little corner of it. I’m seriously having withdrawal already, and I’m not even gone from this place. This is all beginning to sound like a bit of a nonsense rant, so I’ll stop for now. Here are some pictures from the last few days that probably only convey 1/100th of how wonderful this place is.



And back to Seoul again...

Seoul Post 2