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End of August...Finally!!

So, what has everyone been up to lately? For me, at our house August is absolutely crazy. World happenings on a grander scale aside, with a trade show the first weekend of the month, homeschool starting back, family birthdays, being sick not once but TWICE, I’m leaving August this year feeling like I never even had a summer vacation. Plus there were textbooks, school clothes, supplies, more textbooks, more supplies…I think if I never have to buy anything again I’ll be a very happy Meg. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there feeling this way at the end of a busy month. 

Working on my projects at the end of the day is my favorite way to…heh heh…unwind. I’m sorry, I had to. Anyhow. I have far too many projects on the needles right now, but that tends to happen, I’ve found, as I’m getting closer to being done with samples for a trade show or zine. Are you a monogamous knitter? I tried to be, and it just wasn’t working out for me. Haha! I tend to have one project that I can really focus in on, that requires counting or special stitches or something like that, then another that is a more mindless project I can work on while watchin’ my stories at night. Currently, I have…3…no 4 sweaters going. Yikes! 2 are on the back burner, but the other two I’m plugging away at. I’ve been a bit obsessed with Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book ever since I picked it up at Stitches West back in February, and I finally cast-on a version of the Emma Cardigan with Nutmeg’s own Hearth base. It’s coming together really, really nicely (and quickly) and I LOVE the way that Julie Weisenberger has broken down sweater construction for all of us.

I have several others I want to work up in the Cottage base as well, but I’m trying to be patient. Emma is a top down cardigan, that starts at the back of the neck and brilliantly increases to create subtle shaping that I can’t wait to wear! I’m hoping to be mostly done with this by end of the week, but with little brother sick today, who knows what will happen. I’ve also been working on my own, original pattern (that may become a Nutmeg pattern someday) with our Farm Fibers Skim base. This one is a learning process, and I may have shown you guys before. I think I’ll name it Fisherman, cause it’s inspired by those classic cable knit sweaters that never really go out of style. I’m about 1/3 a way up the back right now and thinking about frogging a bit of it to be less fitted as it comes in at the waist. I have some time to think about this one, though.  I’m excited to see what it will become, as it’s the first sweater I’ve tackled on my own. Plus, it’s the Farm Fibers that’s near and dear to my heart.

The 3rd project I’ve been working on I know I’ve shared on Instagram. It’s turning into a big, cozy shawl and I can’t wait to share this pattern in our next Nutmeg Zine. Or at least, one of the next ones. Haha! I’ve been loving the monotony of practicing tension techniques for colorwork while just going back and forth from one color to another. It’s such a meditative way to knit. I’ll make sure to tell you all more about this when it’s time, but for now…I hope that you enjoy seeing the progress! Well, I better go now. I have lots to do. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday! xoNutmeg

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