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Color Questions?

Several of you wonderful Nutmeg friends and customers have written in after receiving your yarn regarding the color of the yarn in person vs. that on the computer screen. It is SO hard to make sure colors are accurately portrayed on from real life to photograph to computer screen to phone screen, etc. etc. I’ve been trying my best to make sure that any new product photos going up are on a darker background, since I think the white background may have been making colors appear a bit more bright and saturated than they are in real life. Oh, the trials and tribulations of an online store, haha! It’s like that “is the dress blue or yellow” thing all over again! So, here below is a shot of our (top to bottom) Cabin, Cottage and Hearth bases all in the Lilac Heather colorway. This was shot in natural morning light, on a brown backdrop. I personally think this is the best representation of this colorway. 

However! I also took a photo on a light back drop, just for contrast, and for you to see how this base can shift based on what sort of light it’s in. So below, are the same three skeins but on a light wood background in natural light as well. I didn’t use any filters or color alterations on the camera setting for either of these photos, so hopefully they are coming through on your computer screen as accurately as possible! 

Anyhow! As we continue to grow, I’m hoping to have more and more garment sample photos of different colorways to be able to show on the store as well, rather than just the close up of the yarn (my wonderful test knitters, I haven’t forgotten about you!). 

When you’re ordering, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me regarding any questions you might have about colors! I want to help you be fully satisfied with our yarn! Also, if you’re looking for more than we currently have on hand of a certain colorway, let me know as well! Often, the colorway that was running low will already be waiting to be dyed next, and if you’ve gotten in touch about it, I can email you to let you know when we’ve restocked. 



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