A Few Words From.....Dawn Henderson!

A Few Words From.....Dawn Henderson!

The Retreat Shawl, worked in the Nutmeg Fibers Retreat base, was my very first shawl design, and (for me at least), it was a doozy! I’d never really thought of myself as much of a shawl knitter, or a shawl wearer for that matter. I loved the idea of shawls and have knit (and frogged) a few, but they’re certainly not a go-to knit for me. My lack of shawl confidence was made very apparent with this project! 

Week 1 - Summer Shawl-Along!!

Week 1 is finished, and I’m a tiny bit behind on posting this….due to some fun activities this weekend with my kids, but now I’m ready to go!

Week 1 Progress!


Here’s a quick photo of how far I’ve come on my Retreat Shawl…… I said, not too far cause of how busy we were! Ooops!! That’s ok, though! I’m hoping to make WWWWWAAAAAYYYY more progress this week. I’m already in love with the repetitive nature of the reverse stockinette, and just need to make a bit of time to sit and get a bit further!

First Week Prize Give-Aways!!!

But let’s get down to the real business! Let’s give away some prizes! I’ve gotten several emails from you all out there in the world, so I know that lots of you have been joining in, but we need ya to make sure to post pictures on Instagram, Ravelry or here, so we can enter your name in the prize drawing.

We have 2 Winners for this week! The are…..drumroll please!!!

  • @nmknitter on Instagram!

  • Karen R. from here on the website!

They’ll both be receiving a 15% coupon code for the our website, as well as a free Project Journal!! Congratulations @nmknitter and Karen R.! Thanks so much for joining in! We’ll be sending you details on how to claim your 15% off code in an email.

Action Points for You:

  1. Keep working away on your Shawl! I’m gonna commit to getting at least 4 inches done this week!

  2. Keep an eye out for a guest blog this week from Dawn Henderson!

  3. Make sure to post comments here, on Insta or the Ravelry group so we can all see how the projects are coming along!

  4. Have fun!

That’s all for now!



Summer Shawl KAL Begins!

Summer Shawl KAL Begins!

So!!! Here we are, at the beginning of June, lots and lots of KALs to join in on. I hope that lots of you are joining in with us here and making yourself a lovely lovely shawl this summer!

Pattern Picking: Retreat Shawl by Dawn Henderson

So, I’m gonna make something that’s been in my queue since this debuted back in early Spring/late winter. I mentioned it in the last blog post! It’s Dawn Henderson’s Retreat Shawl!

Our Summer Shawl-Along!

Gahhhh!!! I’m so ready for this! School just ended for my kiddos, and the heat is settled in here in Tennessee, so I’m totally ready for some kind of fun KAL this summer.

So our KAL theme is SHAWLS!!! There have been so many beautiful ones popping up on Ravelry and in my Instagram feed, and I wanted to take some time away from sweaters for just a minute to make one. Thus, the Nutmeg Fibers Summer Shawl-Along!

So here’s the details:

  • pick any shawl pattern

  • join us here on the blog, document your progress for us here, on Insta or in the Ravelry group and

  • make a beautiful shawl between June 10th and August 19th! Let’s work through this summer heat together!

Are you going to participate?! Make sure to let us know on Instagram, here in the comments or in our Ravelry group, so that we can find you when it’s time to give out prizes for our participants!! Last KAL we gave out about $500 worth of door prizes over the span of our event, so you don’t want to miss out! If you’re on Insta, make sure to tag your photos with #summershawlalong #retreatshawlalong #NutmegKAL so that we can see all our lovely participants and put your name in the “hat” for prizes each week.

We’ll be having a wonderful guest blogger one week, can’t wait to tell you more about that, and I’ll be documenting my own process of making the Retreat Shawl. Can’t wait to see what kind of new friends we make through this!


  • Pick your pattern and yarn by June 10th and share that with us all!

  • Introduce yourself here in the comments! I’m excited to see who all will be participating

  • Join our Ravelry KAL group if you’d like

  • Get your supplies together and get ready to SHAWL!


Pick any shawl pattern you’d like. Personally, I’m gonna be making Dawn’s Retreat Shawl, cause it’s beautiful and I’ve been dying to make it since she debuted this pattern back in the early spring! Trying to decide on yarn now…haha! She designed it with our Retreat base, but I think I might try it in a linen and see what happens!


We’ll be starting this officially on June 10th with the first blog post up for everyone. Here’s a calendar with our schedule for this Shawl-Along! Scroll to June to see the info!

Ok, this was just a brief announcement about this so that people can get excited to join in. I’ll be giving a lot more details over the next few weeks as we all get ready to begin!



Oldies KAL - Last Week!

Oldies KAL - Last Week!

So, we’ve reached the end of our KAL! I hope that you’ve all had fun! We've given out over $500 in prizes to some lucky winners in our event (with 3 more to be awarded today as well!), and seen loads of really beautiful pictures of Rie’s pattern from all over this wide world. One of my FAVORITE things about knitting

Too many WIPS and 3 Prize Winners!

Too many WIPS and 3 Prize Winners!

So, how’s it going everyone?! Did you get through the stockinette body section? I have to admit…I’m not finished with it yet myself! OMG! Life got busy, as it does sometimes, so I wasn’t able to knit as much as I hope to. However, I’m only 2 cm away, so I’m hoping to finish it today and jump on into our next section. I’m gonna work my fingers off this weekend to catch up. Like I’ve said before, the goals I’ve been setting for the KAL are loose goals, but it’s ok to go as slowly as you need to.

Work That Body...aka Stockinette Section

Work That Body...aka Stockinette Section

Hello all! How’s your sweater coming along? I’ve moved on from joining the front and back hems and am about 4-5cm away from being done with my stockinette section. I often find that when I get to a large section of stockinette, my knitting pace slows down quite a bit when it’s being worked in the round.

Oldies KAL - Coming Soon!

Oldies KAL - Coming Soon!

I am so excited for this event to get rolling here, especially during October! Knitting season is full on here in the Northern Hemisphere, and our queues are getting full.

Rie Vive, a designer from Kochi, Japan, has created a timeless, cozy, fun knit out of our Retreat base here at Nutmeg Fibers. I was so honored that she was interested in working with our yarn when I reached out to her, and the pattern she came up with is something that you’ll want to wear this year or ten years from now.