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Call For Patterns!

As I’ve been making plans for our Nutmeg Fibers Spring Zine (coming soon!), I’ve really wanted to reach out to the Nutmeg community, and to the knitting community in general, to invite you to submit pattern ideas for the our Fall 2018 zine! One of my goals for Nutmeg is to have it be a wonderful community for makers to find inspiration. With that in mind, I had hoped to open up a call for patterns for our fall Zine. However, I didn’t realize, that my event might have offended or upset some designers out there. That is absolutely the LAST thing I had planned to have happen through this, and obviously I needed to do a lot more research before undertaking an event like this.

**After reading through some of the other remarks to my Call for patterns, however, I have decided to cancel this event,** because I don’t ever want to seem to be only creating something as a way to try to trick designers into buying my yarn. That never has been and never will be my intention as I grow my business. I take great pride in the product that was created together with my fiber mill, as well as in the colors I dye by hand and the brand that I’ve worked hard to build over the last few years, and definitely don’t want an event like this to project a false image of my company. I want people to buy my yarn because they love it, full stop.

Again, I apologize if my event seemed one-sided or insincere or like a ploy to sell yarn. It was never my intent to upset or insult anyone. I hope that you can see my sincerity of heart here through the fact that I’ve cancelled this event due to misunderstandings. Keep on designing amazing things everyone!

Meg Anderson
Nutmeg Fibers, Owner

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