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April WIPs!

Well, somehow we’ve gotten to April! Man, this year has seriously flown by so far. There are a lot of projects I’ve been working on, so today I just wanted to take a minute to give them a little attention! 

First off, I finished my Meg sweater!!!!! Oh my goodness, I am in love with it. I am now crossing my fingers for just a few more days of random cold weather, so that I can wear it while I sip my morning coffee and talk with friends on the phone and work and write and knit and stuff. 

This is my 3rd Junko Okamoto pattern that I’ve worked on, and each time, I am blown away by the ingenuity of her designs. I feel that not only have I created something truly beautiful with her design, but I’ve also learned so much about knitting. Her Rug sweater, which I’m on my second round of in a different base, taught me Japanese Short Row techniques and creative ways to use colorwork and increases and how to play with shape of sleeves. This one, created the sleeve shape in a different way, with repeated increases in the same place along the shoulder “seam”. Then the remainder of the sleeve is picked up later on and a really fun bell shape is created with the short rows. I really like the way that she played with the bottom hem as well, by creating a section of front facing purl stitches followed by several rows of knit stitches. Currently, I’m deliberating making another version of this, in a different color, where I continue the main body section for about 7 more inches, since I have a long torso, for a more oversized look. But, I’ll save that for next winter!

Working on these, along with the more structured technique found in CocoKnits Sweater Workshop book, has given me a lot more courage and freedom when thinking about designing my own sweaters! That’s one of the other projects I wanted to share with ya this morning! 

So, back in the fall, during Fiber in the Boro, my booth was next to the lovely Hill and Hollow Farm booth. I have gotten to know Robin and her family over the past years, and love seeing her rustic wools and alpacas  when she brings them to the event! I snatched up about 5 of their extra large skeins of wool from their Jacob sheep with plans to make a rustic, long lasting work sweater out of it. I’ve been holding onto them for a while and finally decided to get to work on it back in January. 

Initially, I was writing down the whole pattern as I worked, with plans to maybe publish the pattern later. But, I quickly realized that it was making me worried that the pattern wasn’t right or was confusing or something like that. So, instead I decided to just go for it on my own, without a plan except to use my dress form to check the sizing as I worked. 

Right now, I’m just below the bustline of the project, and I’m really liking the way it’s coming together. There are some mistakes here and there for sure, but I’m learning loads, and having fun making it just for myself. It’s got about 8 inches positive ease overall, and the sleeves are going to be big and cozy. I’ve started a lobster claw cable motif on the side panels, for a little extra detailing, that I think’ll be a nice surprise. As I’m getting towards the waistline I’m trying to decide on whether to add a little shaping in there to give a waist line even though it’s oversized. We’ll see… 

So, I have a lot of other WIP’s right now, but those are the ones I’ve been wanting to share with you all the most! For more info, keep in touch! 



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