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6th Anniversary!

So, as I’ve been busy this past week, re-acclimating to Tennessee time zones, catching up on emails, getting my daughter ready for her Freshman year of high school, etc….I failed to realize that it’s Nutmeg’s birthday month!!! As I looked back at posters and instagram, I realized that my small business, started out of my kitchen, with a shoestring budget and most of my heart that wasn’t taken by my kids, is now 6 years old! What the f&*#!! Pardon, my French. But, seriously! I can’t even believe it’s already been 6 years. 

As I think back over all of the things that I’ve done as “Nutmeg Fibers” so far, I really am mostly sitting here feeling truly….lucky and honored to be able to do this as my full-time career. The fact that I can say to someone, when they ask, that I’m a small business owner…as a single mom, it truly means more than words can properly express. And even more, the fact that the fiber community, which I so love, has supported my business this past 6 years, helping it grow to where it is now, it’s really something that I never saw coming, and am constantly grateful for. 

A few years ago, when people would ask that dreaded “So what do you do?” question that seems to come with a first meeting with a new person, I began to respond with the answer that I was a small business owner. Then the answer became an “Indie Yarn Company” owner. More recently, I’ve occasionally, timidly added the word “Designer” to that as well, which seems so strange to me…but in good ways. More often than not, people respond with, “Oh, that’s cool! Is that your only job?” When they aren’t fiberfolk themselves, they often have difficulty seeing how someone could make a business from something as specific as yarn. I’ve even had some people who are complete strangers say to me, “So….how do you pay your bills every month? Like, you mean, you really don’t have to do any other work?” After I get over the initial shock of such a straightforward (and none of their business) question, I usually just say, “Yeah, it’s my full-time job,” without going any further into the specifics they’re fishing for, but that they aren’t privy to. People are strange sometimes. Haha! 

But, there is something in me that has felt so satisfied with the fact that I’ve been able to say to people that I own my own business. That, yes, business is going good. That, yes, it’s the only work that I do (besides homeschooling my kids and being a single mom). And that, yes, I built this on my own. I say this with so much understanding and gratitude towards those that helped my business to grow bit by bit, but…just for a second…I’m going to say out loud that I am very proud of what I have worked to build over the past 6 years and where Nutmeg Fibers is right now. It seems strange to say that…cause I still have so much I feel I want to improve on and grow towards and be more consistent with and learn and…and…and……..

But for this week, our anniversary week, I’m going to sit for a minute on the fact that I’ve come this far as a small business, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen over this next year. I’m going to sit on the fact that I’ve done this without one bank loan. I’m going to remember that my motto has always been to start small, grow slow, and grow big. And when something didn’t seem to work, instead of throwing my hands in the air and quitting, I figured out another direction. I say this so that those of you out there that might be considering starting a new endeavor can see that it really is possible. You just have to work hard towards your goal, and not get too overwhelmed in the process of it all. And find some good shows to watch on those nights when you’re up late doing spreadsheets and business taxes, so that you don’t feel like you’re working hard, all on your own, all the time. Haha! 

So, we’re going to celebrate this week at Nutmeg, by filling up our online inventory!! Now that I’m back in the dye studio, stock updates will be coming soon. Plus, we’re giving 10% off to any purchases this week, as a birthday celebration. If you’re an international customer, this is a perfect time to buy, ‘cause that will cover a lot of your shipping costs! 

Anyhow…full of love for the fiber community, and all my Nutmeg Fibers friends out there. Happy Birthday Nutmeg! You’re a 6 year old now!



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