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Week 1 - Summer Shawl-Along!!

Week 1 is finished, and I’m a tiny bit behind on posting this….due to some fun activities this weekend with my kids, but now I’m ready to go!

Week 1 Progress!


Here’s a quick photo of how far I’ve come on my Retreat Shawl……..like I said, not too far cause of how busy we were! Ooops!! That’s ok, though! I’m hoping to make WWWWWAAAAAYYYY more progress this week. I’m already in love with the repetitive nature of the reverse stockinette, and just need to make a bit of time to sit and get a bit further!

First Week Prize Give-Aways!!!

But let’s get down to the real business! Let’s give away some prizes! I’ve gotten several emails from you all out there in the world, so I know that lots of you have been joining in, but we need ya to make sure to post pictures on Instagram, Ravelry or here, so we can enter your name in the prize drawing.

We have 2 Winners for this week! The are…..drumroll please!!!

  • @nmknitter on Instagram!

  • Karen R. from here on the website!

They’ll both be receiving a 15% coupon code for the our website, as well as a free Project Journal!! Congratulations @nmknitter and Karen R.! Thanks so much for joining in! We’ll be sending you details on how to claim your 15% off code in an email.

Action Points for You:

  1. Keep working away on your Shawl! I’m gonna commit to getting at least 4 inches done this week!

  2. Keep an eye out for a guest blog this week from Dawn Henderson!

  3. Make sure to post comments here, on Insta or the Ravelry group so we can all see how the projects are coming along!

  4. Have fun!

That’s all for now!



A Few Words From.....Dawn Henderson!

A Few Words From.....Dawn Henderson!

Summer Shawl KAL Begins!

Summer Shawl KAL Begins!