Early Spring, aka. Trade Show Recovery Season!

Hello all!! It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to properly sit down and say hello, cause I’ve been stuck in trade show world for a month and a half or so. But I’m finally home from work trips for a while! Hooray…since the paper thin walls at my hotel during Stitches West gave me far too much knowledge of my neighbors activities in the middle of the night…….but I digress.

Cottage Hat by Dawn Landix

I wanted to first off, make sure to properly let you all know about the wonderful hat pattern that came out the week of Stitches West! It’s called “Cottage Hat” by Dawn Landix, and I’m in LOVE with it! I wasn’t able to get this knit up in time for the event, but I’m about to cast it on this week, once preparations for our next magazine are finished! I so love the decreases in the crown section, and that texture on the side! So excited to meet new friends through yarn, and see how other designers envision our yarn! This pattern takes one skein of our Cottage base, and you can purchase the pattern directly from Dawn on her Ravelry listing here! She chose our Madder color way for this version…and…a little spring bird told me she may have another pattern coming soon as well. Shh…..

Wool Love Poster

Secondly, there’s a fun, new poster that has arrived here at Nutmeg for the spring!!! I’ve been working on this one for a while now, and found inspiration in the Scandinavian poster designs of the 1950’s and 1960’s. I love the flat colors, and symmetrical patterns that they typically feature. So, I translated that into my love for all things wool with this 18x24 inch poster! They’re available beginning today, and I hope you love them!!!

Wool Love Poster, $18.00 each

Wool Love Poster, $18.00 each

There’s an exciting late-spring/summer KAL coming soon, for those of you that haven’t tackled a sweater yet. So keep your eyes out for that!!

Before I sign off, I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see everyone at Stitches West this past weekend!!! It was the first time I’d ever had a double booth, so I got to meet a lot of new people thanks to the larger space. But also, so many of you stopped by to say you remembered meeting me 3 years ago at that little spot in the very back corner, where I just had a few shelves and a table. It’s such a huge honor to me that you remember me, and take the time to come by and say hello…and that you take the time to follow along with what we’re up to here and cheer us on and support Nutmeg Fibers! I feel, now, a little like going to Stitches West these past few years feels a bit like going to a reunion. To a place where I’ve been able to meet some wonderful fiber friends, get endless inspiration from makers and designers from all over our country and the world, even, and celebrate the love of yarn with you all!!! Anyhow. I’m glad to be home and able to rest now for a bit, until the next deadline comes up. Until then, I’ll see you here!



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