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Oldies KAL - Coming Soon!

Oldies KAL - Coming Soon!

Oldies by Rie Vive

Oldies by Rie Vive

I am so excited for this event to get rolling here, especially during October! Knitting season is full on here in the Northern Hemisphere, and our queues are getting full.

Rie Vive, a designer from Kochi, Japan, has created a timeless, cozy, fun knit out of our Retreat base here at Nutmeg Fibers. I was so honored that she was interested in working with our yarn when I reached out to her, and the pattern she came up with is something that you’ll want to wear this year or ten years from now.

To celebrate the release of Rie’s pattern, we’re having a Knit-A-Long here at Nutmeg! Here are the details for you to know about as we prepare for this:

  1. We’ll be beginning on October 11th, and I’ll be posting a blog post in coordination with this event each Thursday, through November 17th. If you’re here in America, you might just be able to finish this project in time to wear to your Thanksgiving celebrations with friends or family!

  2. The loose theme of this KAL is “Make Yourself a Sweater in a Month!” I feel like so many people out there get intimidated by the idea of tackling their first sweater project in knitting. But, it’s so possible and doable, and even actually simple to accomplish if you set a schedule within the pattern. If you’re joining the KAL, of course it’s ok if you don’t finish your Oldies within our 5 weeks time frame. But I hope, that we’ll be able to break this down enough to make it seem quite possible, and also to get you a lot closer to that finish line!

  3. We’re still in the process of lining up some sponsors for this event, so that we can give out some fun prizes to those of you that participate. To let us know that you’re joining in, comment on our blog posts, or post photos on instagram with the tags #nutmegKAL #oldiesKAL so that we can find you!

So here’s what you’ll need to get rolling on this with us:

  • Rie’s pattern “Oldies” available on her Ravelry page

  • US 4 (3.5mm) & US 5 (3.75mm) 40 inch (100cm) needles

  • Yarn

    • 375 (430) grams Retreat

    • -OR-

    • 1200 (1376) meters or 1315 (1510) yards of DK/Sport Weight yarn of your choice (make sure to do that gauge swatch first)

Are you planning to join in? Comment below!!!



Getting Started with the Oldies Sweater!

Getting Started with the Oldies Sweater!

San Francisco - City of Knitters

San Francisco - City of Knitters