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Wooland! Nutmeg's new Patreon Adventure

Wooland! Nutmeg's new Patreon Adventure

You guys, I am beyond excited about an upcoming project I have in the works here at Nutmeg! I’ll be talking about this a lot over the next few weeks, but will tell you just a little today about a new organization that I discovered recently, called Patreon.

So, what is Patreon and patronage in general all about…

So, patronage is an old, old concept, where…in olden days, members of the aristocracy would financially back artists, inventors and creators of all types, in order for the artists to have the time to create their works of art. It served a truly fundamental function in developing art during the middles ages and beyond.

Today, Patreon has taken the concept of patronage, using sponsors that give as little as $1 a month, to create a powerful tool for makers of all kinds to have that sustainable income (needed by all of us) in order to have more time and more brain space for creating. For a small & seasonal business, like mine, it can help with those hot summer months where no one is thinking about knitting, or can allow us to purchase new equipment with confidence or prepare inventory for upcoming events. What an amazing concept!

Here’s a little bit more about Patreon specifically in their own words:

So…I’ve created Wooland!

I loved this idea of a member based community, that I went straight to my journals to figure out how exactly this would work for Nutmeg. And what I came up with is: WOOLAND!

Wooland is Nutmeg Fibers’ membership based community, that will debut on November 23, 2018!! Wooland is a place for lovers of the fibers arts to come and receive bonus tutorials and extra knowledge of our natural dye techniques on a monthly basis. We want to make sure this knowledge stays alive and well in today’s fiber world. We’re calling those of you that become members of our Patreon community the “citizens of Wooland”, and we can’t wait to pass on great and helpful knowledge to those that decide to come and join us there.

Our Wooland Citizens will get advance notice on special events, shop inventory updates, bonus tutorial material not available here on our tutorials blog, and much more! I’m brainstorming more ideas everyday! I am REALLY excited thinking about all the possibilities that can materialize through this community and hope that a lot of you decide to come and join us.


As we begin our journey into Wooland, we’ll have 3 different cities (or tiers) of membership:

  • Knittington villagers, our $1.00 a month members

  • Sheepvale townspeople, our $5.00 a month members

  • and the Fair Isle Fields Family, or our F4, our $10 a month members

More details about each of these different tiers of “citizenry”, named for cities on our map of Wooland, will be announced on the 23rd, when we debut our Patreon page, but be thinking about whether you might be willing, for as little as $1 a month, to become a part of this new adventure here at Nutmeg, called Wooland.

So, all that to say, I am really excited about creating this new community over on Patreon. We’ll be talking a lot about it over the next few weeks, along with also our exciting plans for some holiday goodies from Nutmeg Fibers. Keep in touch! Comment below if you have any questions about all of this, and feel free to visit www.patreon.com to see what they are all about!



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