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Oldies KAL Week 4....and 5!

Oldies KAL Week 4....and 5!

Hello all!!! I’m so sorry that this is a week behind, so I decided to just join week 4 & 5’s post together. I got an unexpected opportunity to participate in a local fiber festival last weekend, so it threw my weekly schedule off a bit. Thanks for your patience!!

Oldies KAL Progress!

Ok! So let’s see where we all are in our Oldies Sweater!! I’m assuming from lots of the photos I’ve been seeing that you’ve all been keeping up the pace well. Way to go!! Some of you are even finished already! I can’t believe it! October ended up being crazy busy for me here, so I fell behind a bit. But that’s ok! Like I said, this was supposed to be a loose schedule for everyone, so that we could progress together on it and maybe be done by mid-November!!

I wondered how your pace goes throughout a project. Do you tend to keep working on a project at an even pace, or pick it up and put it back down again? Do you slow down though certain sections or struggle with maintaining focus on certain parts of a garment? I know second sleeve syndrome hits all of us at times…but it seems that those of you working on this pattern flew through the sleeves! That makes me so thrilled to get to that point.

I’m nearly through with the bodice front, I know I know…I’m so behind. Haha! I have to say, that Simple Diamond Stitch is wonderfully paced. I love when the pattern rhythm kicks in and I can begin to just fly through a section. What’s your favorite rhythm in a knitting pattern? For me, cable knits are a dream, as well as moss stitch. I can do that for hours and hours without needing a break or wanting to put my project down. How about you? What’s your favorite knitting stitch rhythm?

Action Points for Week 4 & 5:

Okay, I’m splitting these into what you may have gotten through last week if you were working at the pace we’d established from the start and what we should all try to get through by next week. Of course, you might be finished already also! But keep on posting cause we want to give out prizes!

  • For Week 4 (11/1-11/8): I hoped that we could all get through the following sections:

    • Back

    • Joining the Shoulders

  • For Week 5 (ending 11/15): Let’s try to get through the following sections:

    • Right Sleeve

    • Left Sleeve

    • Finishing!!!!!

  • Post here in the comments, on instagram and Ravelry with the tags #oldiesKAL #nutmegKAL #oldies_sweater so that we can find you to give out prizes!!!

  • Post a photo of your finished project with your beautiful self in it (if you want)!

Winners for Week 4 & Week 5:

Ok, so as promised, since I totally lost the time to post last week, here are the winners for both Week 4 and Week 5 of our KAL!! I’ve seen loads of you posting online, which is so fun!! I love creating an event that people participate in from all around the world!!! So cool to see everyone’ s progress!! It’s already got me planning next KAL…haha! We pick our winners at random from the photos we find with the tags (listed above) from both instagram and Ravelry, as well as from those of you that comment on the blog posts.

Anyhow…so the winners for Week 4 will be receiving a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Nutmeg Fibers with no shipping fees! The winners are:

  • @smickiti from Instagram

  • @knit_lane from Instagram

  • @comcreekfiber from Instagram

Congratulations!!! You’ll all be notified through instagram messaging on how to receive your prize code, then you can get to shopping!!


The winners from Week 5 are receiving an extra special prize! It’s a pattern by Rie Vive that coordinates with the Oldies Sweater and uses our Retreat base as well! She’s been teasing the pattern online and a lucky 3 winners will be getting this pattern for free!

  • NicoSwan from Ravelry!

  • DeedeC from Ravelry!

  • @coknits from Instagram!

Congratulations to our Week 5 Winners!!! We’ll be contacting you all to let you know you’ve won and to give you instructions on how to get this wonderful pattern from Rie!

Well, that’s it for this combo-post of Week 4 & 5! Please make sure to comment below here as well, if you’re following along, so that we can all talk about this pretty pattern and how fun it is to make!



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