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Oldies KAL - Last Week!

Oldies KAL - Last Week!

So, we’ve reached the end of our KAL! I hope that you’ve all had fun! We've given out over $500 in prizes to some lucky winners in our event (with 3 more to be awarded today as well!), and seen loads of really beautiful pictures of Rie’s pattern from all over this wide world. One of my FAVORITE things about knitting, is the fact that it is something that brings people together from near and far, just because of the sheer joy we all find in working with fibers.

Oldies Finished Yet?

So, how far have you gotten on your Oldies? I’m nearly to the back now, and can’t wait to have a minute to sit and finish it up! Things have been so busy around here lately, that my knitting time has been dwindling. Bahhhh. I still want to see all those pictures!!! Post some of your finished project so we can see!!

Our schedule for this week had us all reaching the finishing stage by this week, so that we could have our sweaters ready to wear in time for the late-fall and winter holiday events we all have on our calendars. Are you going to wear your's out this holiday? Share a pic so we can all see it!!


Rie also took time to create an adorable pattern for a quick pair of fingerless mitts that also uses our Retreat base! Are any of you planning to make up a pair of the Nuts-mitts (shown above) to go along with your Oldies? Such a great pattern! There’s definitely plenty of time to work these up for a few presents before the holidays…or some for yourself!

Our Final Week Winners!

We’ve had a lot of fun giving out prizes to our participants in this KAL! Several people have messaged me to say they’d never won anything in their life, and they were so excited to have won! Haha! How fun! Well, we have come to the end, and we have 3 more winners, that will be receiving $50.00 credit for shopping here at Nutmeg Fibers!! Drumroll please…..our final three winners are:

  • @newhouses201 on instagram, aka newhouses on Ravelry

  • Abby Rosario from our blog commenting section

  • @inotherwords52 on instagram, aka inthemills2 on Ravelry

We’ll be getting in touch with you regarding how to claim your $50.00 credit!

Some Final Oldies Thoughts:

Well, I’m not done with mine yet. Alas, running a small business as a single mum of two teenagers slowed my progress down a bit. BUT!! I can’t wait to share the photos with you all when I finish!! I’m so nearly there!!! I can tell that it’ll be another week, so hopefully in time for December holiday events. I have loved every minute of this project so far, and especially our second, very fun, KAL where I got the chance to talk with people near and far about this wonderful pattern, and see photos of it as it progressed for all of you!

If you enjoyed this KAL, please comment below! And, if you’re still working on yours, don’t worry, so am I!!! Let’s try to finish it up by the end of November, yeah? Keep posting pictures with the tags #oldiesKAL #nutmegKAL #oldiessweater so that we can continue to see everyone’s beautiful pictures!

That’s all for now! Signing off on the Oldies KAL.



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Julie Hoover's Vite Hat!

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