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Hand Made Holiday Presents!

Hand Made Holiday Presents!

The end of fall is fast approaching, with Thanksgiving already on our doorstep here in the USA, and our winter holiday season only a week behind that. Most of you might be thinking that it’s too late to start new projects that’ll be used as presents during your winter celebrations in December, but we took some time today to scour our favorite websites for patterns that are perfect holiday quick knits! These are mostly all 1-2 skeins projects, many with larger gauge Aran weight yarn, that could easily be completed by the time you’ll need to start handing out your presents!!

Here are the details on the photos I gathered together above! The top row photos feature (L-R):

  • Fireside Beanie by Meg Anderson

    • One of my earliest pattern releases, this is a super cozy gift for men and women alike! It takes only 1 skein of our Hearth base!

  • Isthmus by Gudrun Johnson

    • an Aran weight hat designed for Brooklyn Tweed that takes a maximum of 155 yards (142 meters) of yarn for the larger size. So…that looks to be 1 skein of our Hearth base!

  • Cockleshell Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

    • this pattern was featured in Mason-Dixon Knitting’s Field Guide No.6! It’s a ridiculously fast knit, I spent about 4 hours on mine! It was designed specifically for our Hearth base, and takes between 2 and 3 skeins. Perfect for that new baby in your family circle. Don't know if it’s a girl or a boy yet? No worries, we’ve got plenty of neutrals for you!

The middle row of photos features these patterns (L-R):

  • Solidago by Mary Jane Mucklestone

    • This is a FREE pattern from color master, Mary Jane Mucklestone! These would be great fun in our Cottage or Retreat base and for one pair of socks it takes approximately 125-150 yards (114-137 meters) of yarn.

  • Swatch Pillow

    • This was one of the featured pattern in our Summer 2018 Nutmeg Fibers Collection. It’s made with 2-3 skeins of our Hearth base, and is a super cozy present to be able to gift to someone. Since it utilizes size 13 needles, you’ll be done in no time!

  • Avery by Melissa LaBarre

    • a lovely cowl created for Quince & Co., this project takes approximately 510 skeins of an aran weight yarn, which would be 4 of our Hearth skeins. It’s a little bit more of a knit than some of these other projects, but it’s really stunning and would be a wonderful present for someone you really love!

And last, but absolutely not least, the bottom row showcases these patterns (L-R):

  • Laurent by Julie Hoover

    • A lovely scarf pattern from Julie Hoover, that features a classic cable that’ll never go out of style! This takes a minimum of 650 yards (594 m) of bulky weight yarn, such as our Hearth or Cabin base.

  • Frost by Allison O’Mahoney

    • Ok, I’m gonna confess…I haven’t made gloves yet!! But they’re on my list, and this is one pattern that’s at the top! I love this classic, stranded colorwork pattern, and it takes a minimum of 220 yards (200m) of an Aran weight yarn like our Hearth base.

  • Inglenook by Adrian Bilizia

    • I can’t wait to cast on these ridiculously cozy-looking calf-length socks. Created for Brooklyn Tweed, it uses a worsted weight base such as our Cottage yarn. It takes between 310-380 yards (283-347 meters) of yarn.

Visit our Hearth, Cottage and Cabin pages to see some different natural dyed color ways that you could create these patterns out of!

So…I hope that this list gave you some good ideas of projects that you STILL have time to finish!! For myself, I’m definitely gonna try to knock out a few pairs of Inglenook socks for my friends this year.


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