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October Newsletter

October Newsletter

This month we have 3 exciting trunk shows planned!!! The first one happened just this past weekend in Portland at the Starlight Knitting Society! They’ve just expanded their shop and it looks beautiful! This weekend, our yarn will be at Downtown Knits, in North Carolina, and then next weekend we’ll be here at the Haus of Yarn in Nashville again! While I will only physically be able to attend the one in Nashville, I will be at all of them in spirit!! Here are the details on these:

Starlight Knitting Society, October 13&14 in Portland Oregon

Downtown Knits, October 19&20, in Apex, North Carolina

Haus of Yarn, October 27&28 in Nashville, Tennessee

At each of these events, there will be amounts of all 4 of our bases, as well as special kits and other items just for these trunk shows! Make sure to stop by these great LYS to be able to check out our goodies!

Design Submissions:

Just a reminder for any of you out there that were planning to submit designs for our Winter Call for Submissions, the deadline is October 15th at Midnight CST. We’ve gotten a lot of great designs submitted already and there’s still just a bit of time left to turn yours in also!

Oldies KAL!!

We’ve begun our Knit-along on the blog here for Rie Vive’s Oldies sweater! Are you joining in? If so, make sure to let us know! All the details are in our previous posts, so you can get started on yours also!

Nutmeg Dye Family:

I’ve been mulling over this idea for a while now, and finally decided to throw it out there on a somewhat official basis. We’re growing, growing over here and so am changing the format of how I schedule my dyeing. While we can’t hire anyone officially, we’ve decided to see if anyone in our local community is interested in becoming a part of our Nutmeg Fibers Dyeing Day Family! So, what that would entail is that once a month, those that are able to participate would gather together. You’d come help us get through our large dyeing day, and we’d provide food, drinks, etc. Music will be playing, and fun will be had, and hopefully large amounts of yarn will be dyed! The specific things we’d be needing help with are dyeing, rinsing yarn, prepping it for dyeing, washing yarn, and possibly labeling yarn. If you’d be interested in volunteering to be a part of our community in this sort of capacity, please fill out the short form here! We’re not sure what kind of compensation structure we’d have yet, so would love your input if you’re interested!!

Name *
What Kind of Compensation Would Be Best *
What Kind of Compensation Would Be Best
We are still trying to best determine how this group could work, and would love input!
Bartering is best
Cold Hard Cash
I am volunteering, no compensation needed
A discount at Nutmeg
As long as I'm well fed while I'm there, I'm good with just volunteering
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Work That Body...aka Stockinette Section

Work That Body...aka Stockinette Section

Getting Started with the Oldies Sweater!

Getting Started with the Oldies Sweater!