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Getting Started with the Oldies Sweater!

Getting Started with the Oldies Sweater!

October 11th is finally here, and that means our Oldies KAL begins today!! Welcome everyone!! Have you already gathered your yarn and supplies? I got a bit of a head start on this, since I’m planning to post each Thursday, but if you’re just beginning, don’t worry!

I mentioned in my previous post that the loose theme of this KAL is “Make Yourself a Sweater in a Month.” Now, I want to make sure everyone knows that this is indeed a LOOSE theme. Haha! If you need to work more slowly, please do so! But, with the way Rie’s pattern is written, it’s easily broken down into 5-6 weeks of work. So, I really think that WE CAN DO IT!!

Also, some of you out there may be tackling this project as a first ever sweater knit! How exciting!!!! I think you’ve picked a perfect place to begin. This pattern is classic, yet simple, so even newbie knitters can tackle this project with confidence.

2018-10-11 08.27.22.jpg

So briefly here, I’ll tell you about my choices for yarn and color. I’m using our Retreat base in Cochineal & Iron. This color was a tough choice for me for some reason. Not that it’s not lovely! Because it is! But, I was looking over all my different samples and projects, and noticed that I tend to always work with grey tones when I’m making things for myself. I so badly wanted to pull out some Silverview and make another grey sweater! But I resisted my instincts and instead reached for a color that was a bit more vibrant. After swatching in the Cochineal & Iron colorway, however, I realized that though it looks “pink” at first glance, it’s really much more than that once it is knit into fabric. Are there colorways you typically gravitate towards or run away from? Have you noticed your closet filling with similarly colored, handmade items? Comment below!

I also wanted to ask you all about your gauge swatch habits. While I’m making this sweater in the yarn and needle size specified, I still did a gauge swatch. Everyone has different knitting tension, and when the project I’m working on is a garment, I always do the swatch just to make sure. I always feel like it saves a lot of time and heartache if you have to frog your project later because your gauge wasn’t correct and you can’t wear your sweater. If I’m working on a shawl or scarf, I tend to skip it, since it’s just a large flat piece of fabric. What are your gauge swatch habits?

So here are a few action points for you this week if you’re participating in our KAL:

  • Post a pic of your progress on Instagram, comment below, or on Ravelry in our Nutmeg KAL group, with the tags #OldiesKAL #NutmegKAL so we can find you! We’ll be giving out some prizes starting next week, so we want to be able to find ya!

  • Try to get through all of the left-hand column on Page 3 of the pattern…so that includes these sections:

    • Back Hem

    • Front Hem

    • Connecting Front and Back Hems

  • Remember, while the theme is “Make Yourself a Sweater in a Month”, if you need to work more slowly, that’s ok!!! Sometimes just having a goal helps to move along at a better pace, even if it’s longer than our KAL.


When it was time for me to join the front and back, I love that Rie designed the two pieces to overlap slightly! Subtle design details like that make a pattern fun to work on. I found that it was easiest to do that step by putting the 4 stitches from the hem piece that is written to be in the back on a cable needle. It was then a lot easier to knit 1 from the front needle and 1 from the back needle together.

2018-10-11 08.30.21.jpg

That’s all for this week’s post!! Make sure to comment and post photos of your progress! Can’t wait to see everyone’s Oldies sweater!!!



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October Newsletter

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