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Too many WIPS and 3 Prize Winners!

Too many WIPS and 3 Prize Winners!

I’ve got a few too many WIPs right now…but what can ya do?

I’ve got a few too many WIPs right now…but what can ya do?

So, how’s it going everyone?! Did you get through the stockinette body section? I have to admit…I’m not finished with it yet myself! OMG! Life got busy, as it does sometimes, so I wasn’t able to knit as much as I hope to. However, I’m only 2 cm away, so I’m hoping to finish it today and jump on into our next section. I’m gonna work my fingers off this weekend to catch up. Like I’ve said before, the goals I’ve been setting for the KAL are loose goals, but it’s ok to go as slowly as you need to. Sometimes life gets in the way of our WIPs. Haha!

So, for this week, we’re tackling the Simple Diamond Stitch section that I can’t wait for! Some of you look like you’re already into this portion of the KAL. Way to go!!! Wish I could be working faster.

I wanted to talk for a second about sizing here. Which size did you choose to make? I've gone with #2 cause I have a larger bust size, even though the pattern called for about 12” ease at the bust. Usually, I make the pattern size that matches my largest measurement, which in my case is my bust measurement. However, when the pattern calls for this much positive ease, do you work a size down or do you stay with what the designer has called for? Since fashions right now tend to have an oversized, boxy fit, I went ahead with the size 2, even though I’d usually prefer a more fitted bodice area. How do you decide on your sizing for this? Did you choose a smaller size based on that extra 12” of ease? Do you add any shaping on patterns that isn’t written in? Or do you strictly follow the written instructions?

Prize Winners!

It was so fun to give away prizes last week, and this week’s prize is also super exciting. One of our prizes is sponsored by Yuri at Eylul Yarns in Osaka, who will be giving away lovely Japanese knitting tools. The others are a $50.00 gift certificate to Nutmeg Fibers! If you’ve won, don't worry, you won’t have to pay shipping on your prize. Our winners this week are….drumroll please:

  • Goemon from our Ravelry KAL group!

  • Susanbwilner from our Ravelry KAL group! -AND-

  • @happyowl participating through Instagram!

We pick these winners by looking for those of you that are tagging photos with #oldiesKAL #nutmegKAL and #oldies_sweater, or commenting on our blog posts, then randomly put them in a pot and choosing 2-3! So make sure to tag those photos so we can find you! There were so many great ones this week! Way to go everyone! If you’ve won, we’ll be contacting you with details on how to claim your prize.

This week’s action points for you are going to be after our note from Oldies designer, Rie Vive, so scroll all the way down!

Notes From the Designer:

As I move more and more towards collaborations with wonderful Independent Knitting Designers here at Nutmeg Fibers, I wanted to take the time during our KAL to hear from the designer in her own words. I asked Rie to submit a little bit to me about herself and her insipiration for her design in her words, so that she could fully express her intention and design inspiration. Here are her thoughts, written in Japanese:


Megさんから連絡を頂いてから、Retreatの糸の提案を受けデザインを考えはじめました。そこでまず最初にしたことは、Nutmeg Fibersについて調べること。彼女がどこで、どのようにして活動しているのか。キーワードはナッシュビル、お祖母様のこと、わかる範囲で調べた言葉を頼りにイメージしました。
Oldiesのパターンの最後のページにも綴っていますが、セピア色の写真の中で笑顔で友人たちと映る若い女性…のような光景が今でも浮かんでいます。その人が着ているセーターのイメージです。私はNutmeg Fibersの糸に出会わせてくれたMegに感謝しています。

Action Points for the Week:

  • If you haven’t finished up the stockinette body section yet, try to get through it by this weekend

  • We’ll be aiming to get through the following sections:

    • Front - Simple Diamond Stitch

    • Shoulder Rib of the Front

  • Keep posting those pictures so we can give out prizes and enjoy each other’s progress! I love seeing everyone’s work. I can’t imagine how exciting it must be for a designer to see their pattern out there in the world!

  • Comment below on how you choose your size, or what your preferred method of tailoring a knitting pattern for your body size is!

That’s all for this week folks!



Slow Color

Slow Color

Work That Body...aka Stockinette Section

Work That Body...aka Stockinette Section