Nutmeg Fibers: Issue 2, Summer 2018

Nutmeg Fibers: Issue 2, Summer 2018


This listing is for the printed magazine version of Issue 2 of the Nutmeg Fibers magazine.

Issue 2 of our collection of patterns and recipes is here!! The theme of this collection is “heirlooms”. Summer is a time for relaxing with friends and growing your community as you eat and laugh through the heat. This zine contains patterns that can be finished quickly, in a few days or so, if you’d like. They are perfect to throw in your project bag and go!

The recipes are all inspired by or passed down from family and friends. They are easy to make and delicious to eat, and will be ones you turn to again and again to make for your loved ones. Also available as an ebook here.

Here are all the details:

  • Nutmeg Fibers: Issue 2, Summer 2018

  • app. 50 pages

  • 3 knitting patterns

    • the Palace Cowl, Swatch Pillow, and Isobel Dress

  • 1 crochet pattern

    • a Granny-style blanket

  • 5 recipes in both metric and US measurements

  • charts and written instructions both are included, and are written for both US and metric measurements

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