Marigold Dye

Marigold Dye


We are so excited to offer natural dyestuffs to our NF community! We currently have one dyestuff for each of the primary colors: Indigo blue, Quebracho red and Marigold yellows. This collection will provide a wide spectrum of colors with which to dye your fibers of choice. Choose from individual colors, or our complete set, listed here. Here are the details for each of our Marigold dye:

Marigold Yellow:

Marigolds have been used as a dyestuff for thousands of years. It can dye a deep, golden yellow that leans more towards orange than a clear, butter yellow. Your bottle contains enough dye for approximately 500g-800g of fibers. In each bottle there are:

  • app. 1 1/2 ounces dried marigold flower heads

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