Winter 2018-19 Pattern Submissions

We're accepting designs from you! Here are all the details for our Winter 2018-19 Call for Patterns. There is a lot of information in here, and we hope we included everything that you need to know. However, we're humans, so we may have forgotten something. Please make sure to read everything thoroughly and then feel free to contact us if you still have any other questions! Covered here are all the details regarding: 

  • Submission Requirements
  • Important Deadlines
  • Yarn Support
  • Design Rights
  • Photography Information
  • Other Misc Info

Submission Requirements

  • when you are ready to submit your design, please email us at with all the required info, as stated below
  • Submissions should be for knitted or crocheted projects
  • patterns must be original to the designer and not published on any other online platform or printed material
  • patterns must utilize the gauge of one of the 4 Nutmeg Fibers bases as it’s main component, so that it can be included in our Nutmeg Fibers pattern collections (for more details on this, see Yarn Support section below)
  • 3-4 photographs of your ACTUAL DESIGN IN PROGRESS are to be submitted, as well as any other important information, such a PDF including the written pattern in progress, and/or sketches, swatches, already finished samples, etc. for us to better understand your design concept and might assist in helping us to fully visualize your design
    • Note: finished samples are NOT required at initial submission
  • we are looking for designs that go well with the overall aesthetic of Nutmeg Fibers, but are eager to see some wonderful new perspectives on design concepts and technique. We know this might sound broad, but we don't want to limit anyone's creativity. When you submit your design, give us a brief explanation of your concept, inspiration or intent for your design! Only 2-3 sentences needed!
  • Let us know if your design utilizes a unique construction method, interesting stitch motif, or whatever else might make your design stand out from the rest of the submissions
  • If your pattern is chosen, a consent form containing the following information, will be emailed to the Designer to confirm and sign. 

Important Deadlines

  • October 15, 2018 - deadline for all Winter pattern submissions
  • October 20th, 2018 - final pattern submission decisions will be announced through email
  • Publication Date for this Collection is Winter 2018-19, but we don't have an official publication date yet

Yarn support

  • Your sample design does not have to be made with Nutmeg Fibers, but does need to align with the gauges available with our 4 Nutmeg Fibers bases, so that we can then recreate a version of it with either your help or a test knitter's help with our Nutmeg Fibers yarn for publication purposes
  • You are not required to choose Nutmeg Fibers yarn for your initial design submission, but we suggest that you take into consideration the overall aesthetic of our brand while choosing other colorways and brands, so that we can envision better how it will translate into being created with our own fibers
  • If your design is chosen to be included in our Nutmeg Fibers Pattern collection, we will be happy to provide you or our sample knitter with yarn support to be able to create the final Sample Garment that will be photographed for our website and any other printed materials

Design Rights

We are eager to grow our collection of Nutmeg Fibers inspired patterns, as well as to build great, long lasting relationships with some of you amazing designers out there!! We hope that you understand that we are also a very small company, and will do our best to offer a fair and collaborative system of rights for those designers that we choose to feature here at Nutmeg Fibers. Sorry that this is so much information, we just had received many questions, so we are trying to answer them in advance here for anyone interested in submitting a design. For our Winter 2018-19 season, these are our current Design Rights guidelines: 

  • Patterns chosen for our Winter 2018-19 Collection will be featured on our website in perpetuity in our patterns collection, in the same way that our wonderful design collaborations are currently featured (see more regarding rights timeline below)
  • The name of the designer will be prominently placed alongside the pattern information on our website, along with any links the designer provides to Nutmeg Fibers, so that customers can visit the designer's website and learn more about them, and hopefully become fans of more of their independent design work! We hope for this to be a great collaborative experience for designers! 
  • Fully tech-edited and professionally graphic designed pattern PDF's will be given to the designer to use for their sales purposes, which align with the overall aesthetic of Nutmeg Fibers' brand
  • Patterns will be professionally photographed by Nutmeg Fibers' photographer, and 3-4 PDF images of each pattern will be given to designer to use for promotional purposes, or Ravelry listing only (see MISC INFO below for more details on photo rights)


  • Regarding Ravelry Sales and Details
    • 100% of sales on Ravelry go directly to the designer, through their own Ravelry account (or their preferred venue of sale) beginning on DAY ONE of publication
    • Nutmeg Fibers will feature the chosen patterns in our own Ravelry collection for 6 months after the initial publication date, with link to purchase pattern directly from the designer's shop on Ravelry
    • Designers will feature their patterns on their Ravelry account as well, from day one of publication of pattern, and all sales on Ravelry of the pattern will go through the designers Ravelry shop (or their preferred venue of sale)
    • Designers will agree to not publish the pattern on their own Ravelry account before the Nutmeg Fibers' official launch date
    • Designers will commit to giving thorough pattern support to customers that might need it in order to promote a collaborative experience within the knitting community


  • Regarding Sales from Nutmeg Fibers Website
    • 100% of sales on the Nutmeg Fibers website of your chosen designs, during the first 6 months of publication, whether digital or printed, go to Nutmeg Fibers
    • After 6 months, your design will remain featured in our patterns collection, in the same way that we currently feature our guest designers, and will continue to be promoted in newsletters and other Nutmeg materials. The design listing on our website, however, will link to the designer's Ravelry page from 6 months on, and 100% of sales of the pattern will then run through the designer's own Ravelry Shop (or preferred venue of sale)
    • Designers will commit to giving thorough pattern support to customers who purchased your pattern through our website during that first 6 months, in order to promote a collaborative experience within the knitting community


  • Regarding Sales from Printed Versions of Patterns:
    • due to the high overhead costs required currently for us to print hard copies of magazines and patterns, we currently print paper copies of only a small amount of our patterns. 100% of sales from any versions printed by NUTMEG FIBERS of patterns will go to Nutmeg Fibers
    • after 6 months, if the designer wishes to print paper copies of their design themselves, they can do so, either using the PDF of the Nutmeg Fibers version of their pattern, or in their own pattern style, and 100% of sales from patterns printed by the designer would go to the designer
      • If the designer chooses to print their own pattern style instead of the Nutmeg Fibers version, they will be responsible for the photograph included in their version, since the original pattern photographs remain the property of Nutmeg Fibers (see Misc Info below)

other misc info

  • As mentioned before, once your pattern is chosen, you'll be emailed with all pertinent details to read over and sign
  • If your design is chosen, you'll receive full tech editing support from Nutmeg Fibers wonderful team of tech editors, as well as test knitting support if needed (this includes all necessary tech elements, including charts and schematics)
  • We don't guarantee a certain amount of sales, but will do our best to promote all pattern designs in our collection
  • Photographs taken of chosen designs for the initial print or web publication remain the property of Nutmeg Fibers