It all started with…

Nutmeg, the nickname given to me, Meg Anderson, by my grandmother many, many years ago. Founded in 2012, this is a cottage industry, begun out of my house, that grew into a brick and mortar store at the Shoppes at Fatherland in the heart of East Nashville. I spent 2 great years there, growing the business and meeting so many wonderful fiberfolk. In the summer of 2016, I both built my first dedicated dye studio for Nutmeg Fibers and moved 100% online, as our Nutmeg community had grown far beyond East Nashville! Nutmeg has now been an Independent Yarn Company for 5 years and a small business for 7! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next. Entering fall of 2019, I have begun expanding our NF to include more aspects of the fiber arts while still embracing our love of natural dyes and sustainable making. Knitting and the fiber arts have become a great source of calm and inspiration to me, and I'm excited to share my fiber arts love with all of you!


Meg Anderson, Owner
Nutmeg Fibers